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Reading List for January 2021

What a wild month January has been! Luckily I had a reading list to get me through the month. Here are the three books that topped my reading list for January.

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown


The main reason this book was on this list was that I joined a book club over the Winter break. In a sense, it wasn’t a choice, but I chose to be in a book club so I guess that counts (maybe). I first heard of Brené when I was doing an assignment for one of my classes. We were required to watch one of her Ted talks on vulnerability. When I first heard her speak I thought that she was absolutely genius. Brene had beautifully explained the importance of vulnerability and the strength that it requires. I don’t know much about Brene but that one talk was enough to get me interested in her work.

She’s written several other books, but this one in particular interested me because it was specifically about being a leader in the workplace using vulnerability as a skill. As I am currently in a business school, the idea of vulnerability and work especially in finance just didn’t seem to work; Something would have to give. The book promised to have an answer for that, so my interest was piqued.

Letters to a Younger Sister by Hill Harper

This book has been on my reading list since before I left for college. Hill is a favorite of my mom and I heard that he was highly rated. I’m also a fan of books that have letters inside. That alone made me excited to read it. I also learned that it was targeting young black women, so I wanted to see what advice an older black man would give.

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Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

There’s nothing more to this book than that I received it as a gift. I love receiving books as gifts because they tell you a bit about the person who bought them even if it’s a book they personally wouldn’t read. It tells how they perceive you. The first time I saw it, I was curious because the cover looked pretty but it also seemed like one of those off the chart spiritual books that would have poor page design. I may have judged it too quickly but it definitely intrigued me because it ended up on this list instead of the when-I-come-back-from-college-maybe-I’ll-read-this-book list.

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All of these books were unique in their own way. Each of them appealed to me in a way that made them end up on this list!

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